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Trade marks registration

Basic services of the following trade brands:


1. Agency services for brands:

Advice in  tarade brands quastions, receiving applications for registration of trade marks in China and abroad, solving disputes concerning trademarks, inspections, transfer / change / development of brands,  make a licenses, inspection  violations of useing of trade marks, the assessment famouse brands, to investigate violations of intellectual property rights, design and development of brands, solving questions correctly registered trademarks and elimination of trade marks which aren`t used  for 3 years, make an environmental clearance certificates and although certificates for brands.


2. Agency services for patents:

Accepting applications for the registration of patents in China abroad, the elimination of patents, drafting and filing law suits for patents; agency services in the field of trade patents and licenses.


3. Agency services for copyright:

Copyright Registration works, computer software registration; issues related with copyright infringement, drafting complaints and legal action for breach of publishing rights, preparation of legal claims for infringement of intellectual property rights.


4. Agency services in customs matters:

Establishment of customs affairs rights of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other matters related with copyright infringement.


5. Other legal services agency:

Protection of intellectual property from illegal competition (for example, copying other people's logos, patents, counterfeiting packaging, design, company name, etc.), preparation of claims for infringement of intellectual property rights, reconciliation, representation in arbitration, review and submission of special economic, civil and administrative action, preparation of specific legal claims, legal documents, negotiation, investigation of offenses, specialized legal advice.


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