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The content of the part-time bookkeeper:


  1. Maintain accounting activities according with  the law of  China "About Accounting" ,"of the system of accounting organization at the enterprise," and "the accounting system about organization of small businesses" and the rules of the Tax Administration of Shanghai and other relevant laws.

  2. Selections  an appropriate accounting system according to the characteristics of the company A and administrative requirements .

  3. Organization process of the main documents transfer of accounting, issuance of certificates by hand and controlling "Basic Accounting Standards" for the proper documentation and execution of the delivery and acceptance of documents in case of contract termination.

  4. Inspections of primary documentation provided by the A. side, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, the issuance of account statements, account registration, preparation of financial in time.

  5. Receive monthly statements of accounts, organization of primary documentation, binding documents, without return to the A. side .Recording monthly accounting balance sheet and disclosure information online, transfering document until the end of the next finance year and organization procedure of delivery and acceptance documents.

  6. After disclosure online report, monthly income report, balance sheet and list of taxes that need to pay sent to A. side.  Also  the B side remind to the A side about payment of taxes in time.

  7. Keeping all accounting information of  the A side, organization of delivery and acceptance procedure documentation. In case of lost any documents A side B side  is responsible for the  economic damage and has to compensate lost documents.

  8. The side B is obliged to keep any business and accounting information of the A side, which became known during the working process and should not contribute its drain, disclose or transfer to the third side. During the inspection of the tax authorities of the A side, according to their request the B side should report to the tax Service and provide the necessary information.

  9.  Promptly notify the side A about changes in public, finance and tax policy for the convenience and timely decision-making of the side A.



    Fees of accounting servise for representative offices: 1600 RMB(there is a ability in part-time hire ). 

    For companies: 1800-2000 RMB,  it`s depend on the amount of work and hire part-time is possible too.


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