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Representation office registration


Registration of representative offices of foreign companies in the following specific areas require special consideration:


In some industries, where the need for a special permit has not been canceled, such as finance, insurance, sea transportation, air freight, and so on, the applicant must first request permission from the appropriate authority, and only after receiving permission can apply for registration in the commercial and industrial administration. In addition, the registration of the representative companies from the finance and insurance regulatory authorities need to provide an annual report about  financial status of the parent company, the balance of payments, charter organizations, the board of directors and the structure created offices in China.


1) The Ministry of Transport

Foreign companies engaged in sea freight, multimodal transportation, shipping agents, companies and structures related with air and auto transportation, and although the organization wich verify the ship before the register a representative office in China must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Transport.


2) The Civil Aviation Authority of China

Foreign airlines for registrtion offices in China must obtain a permit from the Civil Aviation Administration.



3) The Ministry of Justice

Foreign law firms to open offices in China must obtain authorization from the Ministry of Justice.



4) The People's Bank of China

Foreignfinancial institutions to open offices in China must obtain permission of the People's Bank of China. Foreign financial institutions include registered outside China, commercial banks, investment banks, private banks, fund companies, fund management, foreign exchange brokers, credit card companies, rental companies of capital (financial leasing), etc.



5) The Committee of the PRC insurance supervision

Foreign insurance structures to open a representative office in China must be approved by the Committee of the PRC insurance supervision. After the reform of government institutions in 1998, the resolve authority of  the opening foreign insurance companies was tranfered from People's Bank of China to the Committee of the PRC of insurance supervision.



6) Administartation of China Tourism

To open a representative office in China, the foreign ministry of tourism, tourist organizations intergovernmental foreign tourist companies must obtain a permit from the PRC on tourism.



7) The Ministry of Finance

To open a representative office in China, foreign accounting offices have a registered association in China accounting request permission to register. The permit is issued by the Ministry of Finance.



If you want to register a representative office of a foreign company in China or have any questions, please contact us.

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