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Legal services

We provide the following services:


  • The business organization, business registration for private enterprise, proprietorship, joint venture, representative, partnership, etc.


  • The assistance in preparation of documents: compose the employment contract and employee handbook, agreements of confidentiality and non-competition, hiring, improvement of qualifications, internship agreement, employment contract intern, pre-distribution protocol, advertisement and notification for employment, the order for vacation etc.;


  • The modification or revocation of the registration, drafting memoranda and protocols, legal services for the transfer and adoption rights, the implementation of inspection and checks, advising about enterprises management, assessment of commercial activity;


  • The complex of legal services for the protection the rights of holder: registration of trade marks, copyright, patent services, investigation counterfeiting facts of fraud and support court cases;


  • The legal assistance in drafting agreements, preparation of contracts, agreements and other documents (guarantees, letters of commitment, etc.);


  • The legal and financial services in mergers and acquisitions, raising finance;


  • The legal consultation citizens about various areas of law (privacy and trade secrets protection, making agreement, protection, checking the company by supervisory authorities, e.t.c);


  • The settle an arguments of civil, administrative and criminal cases: (assistance in the recovery of debt, debt repayment, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, drafting appropriate documentation);


Economic feasibility is force to pay a special attention to the item  "how to start own business in China," and our knowledge in the law of China will help you choose the legal status of your company in China. Our experienced staff will assist you to register a foreign company in China, a joint venture, company with 100% foreign capital, and although can help to register trademarks and patents.


We pay special attention to drafting contracts:

1. Right composed contract is a nothing problems guarantees in the future. Our lawyers will prepare and analyze any kinds of contracts and agreements. You will receive professional assistance in solving the following issues:

2. The coordination form and text of the contract, and analysis of legal risks and reduce them to a minimum.

3. Identification of all significant aspects of the transaction.

4. The establishment of all the important aspects of the transaction, identification of all significant aspects of the transaction, the legal analysis of other documents relating to the transaction for the interests of  client's are fully taken.

If the contract was drawn up by your contractors, we will perform a legal analysis of the contract for detect any mistakes. If necessary, our lawyers will insert a correction in some of the items and conditions.


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