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HongKong company registration


Advantages of registering a company in Hong Kong


Free choice of company name. Company names can be related with territorial location and area of the company activities, such as: China, Beijing, Zhejiang, Hong Kong, USA, France, Global, Asia, educational institutions, publishing houses, committees, organizations, stocks, trading companies, development, investment, financial services, the combined organization, R & D, medical institutions, the founding capital, etc.


Minimum limitation of the scope of activities: textiles, jewelry, electronics, financial services, maritime transport, import-export, real estate, construction, decoration, information technology, tourism, educational institutions, publishing houses, communities, committees, research institutes, for all these organizations are able to provide a comprehensive range of services, all operations can be registered by the Hong Kong company in the economic zone of Hong Kong, all except for conducting illegal activities.


The advantage of the free areas of taxation: lower tax rates in Hong Kong, a small amount of tax, most international organizations use the Hong Kong tax system because of a reasonable tax avoidance, we register a company in Hong Kong, in this case usually requires only two types of tax payment : first - paying state taxes, tax rate 1/1000, this type of tax is calculated according to the actual statutory capital of a listed company, the second type of tax - income tax, is 17.5%, which is calculated from the net profit in the absence of income tax paid. Except for wine and vodka and other special products, in Hong Kong there is no import tax.


Amount of the share capital is not limited: according to the law it should not be less than 10 000 HK dollars, but according to the actual circumstances, the amount of the share capital may be higher or is not subject to restriction. To create an international organization does not require use of capital account gonkonskogo bank.

Hong Kong is the most comfortable in the world's financial center with a territorial point of view. It should be noted the exclusive right to intellectual property, the internationally recognized mechanism for the Hong Kong legal system, the establishment of the Hong Kong brands. Hong Kong's international image created ddya many companies so-called outer shell. For example, Hong Kong's cloths, toys, art objects have a certain competitiveness in the world market. Registering a company in Hong Kong will take a decidedly favorable place in the international market, thus providing a competitive edge.


Obtaining residence in Hong Kong. After you register your company in Hong Kong, you can contact the Visa Office in Hong Kong for obtaining reusable business visa. After seven years, you can apply for Hong Kong citizenship.

Hong Kong is an international financial center: large financial unit, which in addition to the free cash transactions may be undertaken more than 200 transactions, among them - the electronic payment system of Internet payments, which is very convenient.

Lending, mergers of financial flows in the functioning of Hong Kong Company may carry out any financial transactions, such as a credit card, letter of credit L / C, raising the target of government funds for the development of enterprises.

Limitation of Liability: Hong Kong company is independent and legitimate object, you and your LLC legally unaffiliated and you're not responsible for the activities of Company.

Hong Kong is an international financial center with a healthy legal system, providing favorable conditions for the establishment of joint ventures and further the success of your business.



 Conditions and procedure of company registration in Hong Kong 

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