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Company registration with 100% foreign capital

The Company with 100% foreign capital has the following advantages:


• Independence and autonomy in the development of a global strategy of the parent company, there is no need to take factors related with Chinese investors.

• The Ability independently conduct economic business, there are no limitations  like foreign representative company.

• If you make a profit in RMB – you can ask  customers pay by cheque in Chinese currency.

• the income in RMB may be converted into foreign currency iand transfer to the parent company.

• Ability to hire Chinese staff directly.

• Protection of intellectual property and patent technologies.

• You don`t need to share profits with a partner.

• Increased efficiency in the work and in management and development company.


Areas of activity:


  • investment consulting,
  • International economic consulting
  • trade-information  consulting
  • marketing consulting
  • consulting in the field of enterprise management
  • consulting in the field of technology.



Control system

Company with foreign capital has a two-level system of governance:


Directors Board - the main decision-making body in the company with 100% foreign capital.

CEO - official responsible for the daily administrative work.

Members of the Directors Board shall meet at least once in a year, meeting is maneged by the chairman of the board. Accordng the law, on the Directors Board meeting must be present  two thirds of the members of the Council at least. If a member of the Board of Directors can not come to the meeting, he can trust for his representative to take part in the vote.



Conditions and procedure for registration

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